Gold-Antibody Conjugates



1 kit (for 100 tests):        $300/kit

Nano Discovery Inc. provides an easy-to-use conjugation kit for preparing gold nanoparticle-antibody (IgG or IgY type) or gold nanoparticle-antigen protein conjugates. The conjugation comprises a simple two-step centrifugation process. Total time of preparation varies approximately from 20 min to 1 hour. The kit can be used for conjugating either antibody (monoclonal or polyclonal) or antigen proteins to the gold nanoparticles. 

The prepared gold-antibody conjugates may be used for D2Dx™ assay, biomolecular imaging using dark field optical microscopy, or color change-based assays. One kit can be used to prepare gold conjugates that are sufficient for performsing ~100 tests using D2Dx™ immunoassay.

*Antibodies or antigen proteins are not included in the kits.

Conjugation Kit:     CK100

Product Description:

  • Each kit contains 1.2 mL concentrated gold nanoparticles at approximately 5.60×1010 particles/mL (specific concentrations may vary slightly from batch to batch of products. The variation does not have significant effect on the performance of the immunoassay).
  • Particle core diameter: ~100 nm
  • The kit can be used to prepare both gold-antibody or gold-antigen protein conjugates. 
  • Each kit will allow preparation of gold conjugate solution that is sufficient for conducting approximately 72-120 immunoassay tests using D2Dx™ assay protocol.

*Additional charges for shipping & handling will apply based on actual cost.