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Cattle Immune Health Testing



A balanced immune system is important for the welfare and productivity of farm animals. Cattle with good immune health are less prone to diseases, healthier and more productive. When an animal is infected with bacteria, viruses or other pathogens, the immune system of the animal is activated. An active immune status is a sign of potential infection. During pregnancy, the immune system of cows and heifers has to make certain changes to maintain a pregnancy to full term. Lack of such changes is known to cause early pregnancy loss. However, these immune activity changes also make pregnant and transition cows and heifers more vulnerable to infectious diseases. By closely monitoring the immune status of a cattle herd, cattle owners can discover sick animals earlier, identify pregnant cows and heifers with underlying reproductive health problems for prompt treatment, identify animals with strong immune system and avoid excessive use of antibiotics on healthy and low risk animals.


D2Dx™  immunity test is a blood test to evaluate the general immune status and health of an animal. The test detects active immune responses and Th1/Th2 immunity shift caused by certain infections, pregnancy, and other conditions that involve the animal’s immune system.  Research studies conducted by Nano Discovery and its partners have shown that D2Dx™  test can identify calves with underlying infections; identify dairy cows that are more likely to develop health problems such as ketosis and mastitis following calving; and identify calves with good immune health that can gain more body weight in a feedlot. While D2Dx™ test is not a diagnostic test, the test can potentially bring many benefits to cattle owners by helping owners monitor the health of their cattle herd more closely, select animals with the best immune health for breeding, reduce the use of antibiotics, make informative management decisions, reduce cost and improve productivity.


Farm-site testing kits

The test kits can be used by cattle owners and veterinary doctors to perform the tests in their local operations, at the chute sites or farm sites. There is a one-time cost of $1500 to purchase the equipment for performing the test. For orders larger than 2000 tests, this initial set up cost is waived.

$10.00 per test

200 tests per kit

Farm-site testing service

We can send our field application specialists to perform the test for the cattle owners. There is no upfront cost to the owner. This service is currently limited to the State of Florida only.

$12.00 per test

200 tests minimum


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